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Symon. What ails thee, gowk! to make fo loud ado?
You've wak'd Sir William, he has left his bed;
He comes, I fear, ill.pleas'd ; I hear his tred.
Enter Sir William.
Sir W. How goes the night.? does day-light yet
appear ?
Symon, you're very timeoufly afteer.
Symon. I'm forry, Sir, that vi^e've difturb'd your
Eutfome ftrange thing has Eauldy's fp'rit oppreft
lie's feen fome witch, or wretUed wi* a ghaift.
Bauldy. O ay,— dear Sir, in troth 'tis very true.
And I am come to mak my plaint to you.
Sir W. {fmiling). I la.ig to hear't
Baiddy. Ah ! Sir, the witch ca'd Mauu?,
That vviiis aboon the mill amang the haws,
Firft promis'd that flie'd help me wi' her art.
To gain a bonny thrawart lalTie's heart :
As fhe had tryfted, I met wi'er this night.
But may nae friend of mine get iic a fright !
For the curit hag, inilead of doing me gooJ,
(The very thought o't's like to freeze my blood !)
Rais'd up a ghaift or de'il, I kenna whilk.
Like a dead corfe in (heet as white as milk ;
Black hands it had, and face as wan as death,
Upon me faft the witch and it fell baith.
And gat me down; while I, like a great fool.
Was labom'd as I wont to be at fchool.
My heait out of its hool was like to loup,
I pithlels grew wi' fear and had nae hope.
Till, wi' an elritch laugh, they vanilh'd quite 5
Syne I, haf dead wi' aager, fear, and fpite^

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