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R:iger. Enjoy them baith~Sir William will be won:
Yxiv.r I'c-egy's boruiy— you*re his only Ion.
P.iiii. She's u:ine by vows, and (Ironger ties of love.
And fraethefe bands iiae change n;y mind (liall move,
I'll wed naiie elfe, chro' life I will be true.
Bat ftill obedience is a parent's due.
Fo-fgr. Is r.oc eur Malter and yourfell to ftay
Amang; us here— or are ye gawn away
To London court, or ither far affparts,
T(* ieave your ain poor us wi' broken hearts ?
Patie. To Edinburgh flraight to-morrow we ad.
To London neift, and afterwards to France,
Where I muft Itaylonie years, and icarn to dance,
And twa three other monky tricks :— That done,
I come hame ftrutting in iny rcd-heel'd flioon.
Then 'tis deiign'd, when I can wiel behave.
That i maun be Ibme jietted thing's dull flive.
For ibme few bags of calh, that, I wat wiel,
I nae mair neeil than carts do a third wheel:
Bat Peggy, dearer to me than my breath.
Sooner Chan hear fie news fhall hear my death.
Roger. Theyiuha l^.a^e rijl en'ni«h canioundlyjleep.
The o'crcvme only fa/J^cs fouk tv keep
Good mafter Patrick, tak your ain tale hame.
Patie: What v/as my morning thought,
night's the lame ;
The poor and ricli but differ in the name.
Content's the greateil blifs we can procure
Fr;.e 'boon the lift— without it kin^s art? poor.
Roger. i3ut an eltate hke your's yields bra* content^
When we but pick it fcantly on the bent:
t, at f

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