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Fine claitbs, faft beds, {'weet houfes, fparkling wine^
Rich fare, and witty friends, whene'er ye dine,
SuUmiffive fervants, honour, wealth, and eale,
Wha's ne content wi' thefe are ill to pieal'e.
I'utie. Sae Roger thinks and thinks na far aniifs.
But moiiy a cloud hings liovering o'er their blifs:
The paffiops rule the roaft— and if they're four.
Like the lean ky will foon the fat devour:
The fpleen, tint honour, and affronted pride,
Stang like the fliarpeft goads in gentry's lide.
Tlie gouts and gravels, and the ill difeafe.
Are frequenteft: wi' fouk o'erlaid wi' eale;
While o'er the muir the Ihepherd, wi' lefs care.
Enjoys his fober wilh, and halefome air.
Roger. Lord, man ! I wonder ay, and it delights
My heart, whene'er I hearken to your flights ;
How gat ye a' that fenfe, I fain wad lear.
That I may eafier difappointments bear I
Patie. Frae books, the wale o' books, I gat fome
fldll, f
Thefe bell can teach what's real good and ill :
Ne'er grudge ilk year to ware fome ftanes of cbeefe,
To gain thefe iilent friends that ever pleafe.
Roger. Ill do't, and ye (hall tell me whilk to buy:
Faith I'fe ha'e books tho' I fhcu'd fell my ky :
But now let's hear how you're delign'd to move
iSetween Sir William's will and Peggy's love.
Patie. Thenhereit lies— his will maun beobey'd.
My vows I'll keep, and Ihe fhall be my bride;
Eut I fome time this laft delijcn maun hide.
Keep you the fecret clofe, and leave me here 5
1 lent for Peggy, yonder comes my dear.

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