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(82) Page 68 - Duty and part of reason

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(82) Page 68 - Duty and part of reason
Who Tet too foon !— And while he praife bellow "d,
Adown his gracefu' cheeks a torrent flow'd.
My new-born joys, and this his tender tale.
Did, mingled thus, o'er a' my thoughts prevail;
That fpeechlefs lang, my late kend fire I view'd.
While gulhing tears my panting bread bedew 'd:
Unusual tranfports made my head tum round,
Whilft I myfell wi' riling raptures found,
The happy fon of ane i'ae much renown''d.
JSut he has heard— Too faithful Symon's fear I
Has brought my love for Peggy to his ear.
Which he forbids ;--ah ! this conlounds my peace.
While thus to beat my heart Ihall fooner ceafe.
Roger. How to advife ye, troth I'm at a ftand :
But wer't my cafe, vc'J clear it up affhana
Patie. Duty, and haflen reafon plead hiscaufe;
Eut love rebels agaisnl; all bounding laws :
Still in my heart my Ihepherdefs excels.
And part of my new happinefs repels.
Orfung as follovjs.
SANG XVI.—Tune, Kirknuad kt ;i;i be-
Duty and part of reafon ,
Pi«ad ftrong on the parent's lide,
Which love lb fuperior calls treafoif.
The ftrongeft muft be obey'd ;
For now, tho' I'm ane of the gentry.
My conftancy falfehocd rejjels ;
For change in my heart has no entry,,
Still there my dear Peggy exceh.

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