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Patrick was fent for— happy lad was he !
SyiTion tald Eli'pa, Elf'pa tald it n:e.
Ye'll hear out a' the fecret llory foon :
And troth 'tis e'en right odd, when a' is done.
To think how Symon ne'er atbre wad tell,
Na, no fae ineikle as to Pate himiell.
0«r Meg, poor thiiij^, alake ! has loll her jo.
Vuufe. It may be lae, ^viia kens, and may be no;
To lift a iove that's rooted is j;rcac pain ; 'I
Ev'n kings hae tane a quee:i out of the plain ; >-
And what iias been before n)ay be again. 3
Madge. Sic nonfcnlei love tak root, but tocher_
Tween a herd's bairn, and ane of gentle blood !
|Sic faflriions in Kinj? Bruce's days might he ;
lUt ficcan ferlies now we never fee.
Muufn. Git' i'ate forfakes her, Bauldy flic may
gain :
Yonder he cotnes, and ■
Nae (ioabt he thinks that Peggy'
id^:e. He g-et her I flaverin doof; itfets him wiel
To yoke a plough where I'atrick thought to teil ?
Gif [ were Meg, I'd let young mailer lee—
Mauje, Ye'd be as dorty in ) our choice as lie ;
And lb wad I. But whi'ht ! here Bauldy comes.
Enter Bauldy jln^/n?.
Jenny f-.:d to Jocky, ii'm >e wiaiia tell.
Ye fall he the lad. I'll be t! e lafs myfel! ;
Ye're a beany lad and i'ni a laJlie free ;
Ye're welcomer to tsk me than to let me be.
[ trow lae.— Laffes will come to at lafl:,
rl^o' for a while they maun their fna'-ba's caft.
fakes her, Bauldy flic may "%
wow ! but lie looks fain ; t
:at Pesey's now his ain. -^

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