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Bate, Faith, unco right:
I hope we'll a' fleep found but ane this night.
Madge. Aud wha's th' unlucky ane, if we may afii
Ban. To find out that is nae difficult taflt :
Poor bonny Peggy, wha maun think nae niair
On Pate turn'd Patrick and Sir William's heir.
Now, now, good Madge, and honeft Maufe, ttand be?
While Meg's in dumps put in a word for me :
I'll be as kind as ever Pate coul3 prove,
Lefs wilfu' and ay conftant in my love.
Madge. As Neps can witnefs and the bufhy thorn.
Where mony a time to her your heart was Iworn.
Fy, Bauldy, bluih, and vows of love regard;
What other lafs will trow a manfworn herd :
The cnrfe of heaven hings ay aboon their heads.
That's ever guilty of fic finfu' deeds.
I'll ne'er advife my niece fae gray a gate ;
Nor will fhe be advi&'d fu' wiel I wat.
Bau Sae gray a gate ! manfworn ! and a' the reft:
Ye lied auld roudes, — and in faith had beft
Tat in your words, elfe I fliall gar you Hand,
Wi' a het f;ice, afore the hai y band. (brock ;
Madge. Ye'U gar me ftand! ye flievelling gabbit
Speak that again, and trembling dread my rock.
And ten (harp nails, that when my hands are in.
Can flyp the ficin o' ye'r cheeks out o'er your chin.
But. 1 tak ye witnefs, Maufe, ye heard her fay
That I'm manfworn— I winna let it gae.
Madge. Ye're witnefs too, he ca'd me bonny names^.
And fliou'd be ferv'd as his good breeding claims ;
Ye filthy dog !
{Flees to his hair like afury—ajlout battle-^
Maufg endeavoun to redd them.

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