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The [cene defcriPd in former page,
Claud's onfet— Enter Mauie and Madge.
OUR laird come haine I and owns young Pate his
That's news indeed ! (heir J
Madge. As true as ye (land there. ,
As they were dancing a' in Synioii's yard.
Sir William, like a warlock) wi' a beard
Five itives in length, and white as driven fna',
Amaiig us came, cry'd, Hadye ?nerry a'.
We ferly'd meikle at his unco !ook,
Whjje frae his poutch he whirled forth a book;
As we Rood round about him on the green.
He view'd us a', but fix'd on Pate his een ;
Then pawkylie pretended he cou'd ipae.
Yet for his pains and fliill wad naithing hae.
Maiife- Then lure the laffcs, and ilk gaping coof.
Wad tin about him, and had out their loof.
Madge^ As fait as fleas flcip to the tate of woo,
Whilkflee rod Lowrie hads without his mow.
When he to drown them, ?ind his hips to cool.
In fanimer.days Aides backward in a poo).
In (hort he did for Pate bra' thirgs foretell.
Without the help of conjuring or fpell •,
At laft, when wiel diverted, he withdrew,
Pou'd afThJs beard ro Symon : Symon knew
His welcome mailer ;— round his knees he gat
Hang at his coat, and fyne for blythnefs grat.

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