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(65) Page 55 - Wiel, I agree, you're sure of me

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(65) Page 55 - Wiel, I agree, you're sure of me
I'm happy now, ah ! let my head
ITpoa thy-brea(t recline !
The plcal'ure Itrikes me near-hand dead.
Is Jenny then fae kind ?
O let me brife thee to my heart !
And round my arms entwine:
Delyrfu' thought, we'll never part!
Gome, preis thy lips to mine.
Jdtiny. Wi' equal jov my fcif'ter heart does yield.
To own thy wiel-try'd i ove has won the field.
kow hy ihele warnieft kiffes thou haft tane,
Swear thus to love me, when by vows made ane.
Roger. I fwear by fifty thoufand yet to come
Or rhay the firft ane ftrike me deaf and dumb.
There fhall not be a kindlier dawted wife.
If you agree wi' me to lead your life.
Jetiny. VViel, 1 aK^-ee— niell to my parent gae.
Get his confent— he'll hardly fay ye nae ;
Ye ha'e what will commend ye to him wiel,
Auld fouk like them that want na milk and meal.
SANG XIV.-Tune, O'er Bogle.
Wiel, I agree, you're fure of me.
Next to my father gae ;
Mike him content to gi'e confent,
Ke'Ii hardly fae you nae :
For ye ha'e what he wad be at.
And will commend you wiel,
Since j)arents auld think love grows cauUl
Where bairns want jmilk and meaU

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