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Should he deny, I care na by.
He'd contradidl in vain ;
Tho' a' my kin had i'aid and fworn,
But thee I will ha'e nane.
Then never range, nor learn to change.
Like thele in high degree ;
And if you prove faithfu* in love,
You'll find nae fault in me.
Roge. My faulds contain twice fifteen forrow nowt.
As mony newcal in my byers rowt ;
Five pack of woo I can at Lammas i'ell.
Shorn frae my bob-tail'd hleeters on the felL
Good twenty pair of blankets for our bed,
\Vi' nicikle care, my thrifty mither made :
Ilk thing that makes a heartfonie houfe and tight
Was ftill her care, my father's great delight.
They left me a', which now gie's joy to me,
Becanfe 1 can gi*e a', my dear, to thee:
And had I fifty times as m,eikle mair,
Nane but my Jemiy fhou'd the famen fliair:
My love and a' is yours ; now had them fait,
..\nd guide ihem as ye like to gar them laft. ■
Jsjmy. I'll do my belt ; but fee wha comes this way
Patie and Meg— belides, I maunna ftay ;
Let's ileal frae ither now, and meet the morn ;
If v.'e be feen, we'll dree a deal of fcorn. (pool, ^
Roger. To where the faugh-tree fhades the menin ,
I'll irae the hill come down, when day grows cool :
Keep iryft and meet me there ; there let us meet.
To kifs and tell our Icves j there's nought fae i weet.

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