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(64) Page 54 - Were I assur'd you'll constant prove

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(64) Page 54 - Were I assur'd you'll constant prove
Roier. I've Teen the morning rife wi' faireft light.
The day, unclouded, link in calmeft night :
I've feen the fpring rin vvimpling thro' the plain,
Increai'e and join the ocean, without ttain :
The bridegroom may be blyth, the bride may fmile ;
Rejoice thro' life, and a' your fears beguile.
Jsnny, Were 1 but fure ye lang wou'd love main-
The fevveft words my eai'y heart could gain : (tain.
For I maun own, fince now at lall you're free,'
Altho' I jok'd, 1 lov'd your company :
And ever had a warmneiis in my breaft.
That made ye dearer to me than the reft.
Roger. I'm happy now ! o'er happy ! had my head !
This ga(h of pleafnre's like to be my dead.
Come to my arms ! or flrike me ! I'm a' fir'd
\Vi- wond'ring love I let's kifs till we be tir'd.
Kifs, kifs ! we'll kifs the fun and ftarns away.
And ferly at the quick 3-eturn of day.
O Jenny i let my arms about thee twine.
And brife thy bonny breafts and lips to mine.
^Vliich may he Jung asfulloihs.
SANG XIIL— Tune, Leith IVynd.
Were I affur'd you'll conftant prove.
You Ihould nae niair ccmpJaia ;
The eafy maid befet wi' love,
Few words will qaickly gain :
For I muftown, now, lince you're free.
This too fond heart of mine
Kas lang, a black fole true to thee,
Wilh'd to be paii'd wi' thine.

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