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(50) Page 42 - By delicious warness of thy mouth

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(50) Page 42 - By delicious warness of thy mouth
Continue kind, and a' my cares (hall be.
How to contrive what pleafing is for thee.
Pegsy. Agreed;— but hearken, yen's auld aunty's
I ken they'll wonder what can mak us (lay. (cry,
Patie. And let them ferly— Now a kindly kifs,
Or five.fcore good anes wadna be amil's ;
And fyne we'll fing the fang wi' tunefu' glee.
That I made up laft owk on you and ir.e.
P^iSy^ Sing firft, fyne claim your hire-
Pa J/e. ^Wiel, 1 agree.
SANG XL— re its aiutune.
By the delicious warninefs of thy mouth.
And rowing eyes, that fmiling tell the truth,
I guefs, my laflie, that as wlel as I,
Ye're made for love, and why fhould ye deny ?
But ken ye, lad, gif we confefs o'er foon.
Ye think us cheap, and fyne the wooing's done :
The maiden that o'er quickly tynes her power.
Like unripe fruit, will tafte but hard and four.
But gin they hing o'er lang upon the tree,
Their fweetnels they may tyne, and fae may yc;
Red-cheeked ye completely ripe appear.
And 1 have thol'd and woo'd a lang half year.
Peggy Jinging, falls into Patie's arms,
llien dinna pow me, gently thus I fa'
Ifito my Patie's arms, for good and a' :

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