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5ut your wifhes to this kind embrace,
Ind mint nae farer till we've got the grace.
Patie, ivitk his left hand about her nnaif..
O charming armfu ! hence ye cares away,
'11 kifs my treafure a' the live lang day ;
|A' night I'll dream my Uiires o'er again,
[Till that day come that ye'Jl be a' my aij>.
Sung by both.
Sun, gallop down the weftlin fldes.
Gang foon to bed, and quickly rife;
O lafh your fteeds, poll time away.
And hade about our bridal-day ;
And if your weary'd, honeft light.
Sleep, gin ye like, a week that night.
Vcw turn your eyes beyond yon Spreading line,
And tent a man ivhafe beard feems bleech^d loi' time;
An elivand fills his hand, his habit mean,
Nae doubt ye'll think he has a pedlar been.
But ivhijljt ! it is the knight in mafcurade.
That comes hid in this vloud to fee his lad,
Ohferve how pleased the loyal fuff'er moves
Thro^ his auld av'nuei, ones delight fu^ groves.
Sir William, /o/wi.
1"'HE gentleman, thus hid in low difguife,
I'll for a fpace, nnknown, delight mine eyes
With a full view of ev'ry fertile plain.
Which once I loft— which now are mine agaiai

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