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For Pate Jooes her ,— waes me ! and fl.e looes Pate ;
And I wi* Neps, by fome unlucky fate.
Made a daft vow !— O ! but aiie be a bead.
That makes rafti airhs 'till he's atore the prieft.
1 darna fpeak my mind, elfe a' the three,
Eut doubt, wad prove ilk ane my enemy :
' Tis fair to thole— I'll try fome witchraft art.
To break wi' ane and win the other's heart.
Itere Maufy lives, a witch, that for fma' price.
Can cafl her cantrips, and gi'e me advice :
.She can o'ercaft the "ight, and cloud the moon.
And mak the de'ils obedient to her crune :
At mit(ni)4ht-hours, o'er the kirk-yard flie raves,
And howks unchriften'd weans out o' their graves J
Boils up their livers in a warlock's pnw:
Runs vvicherfliins about the hemlock low,
-And feven times does her prayers backwards pray,
' rill Piotcock comes wi' lumps of Laplwid clay,
Mixt wi' the venom of black' taids and fnakes:
Of this unfonfy pidlures aft flie makes
Of ony ane fhe hates— and gars expire
Wi' flaw and racking pains afore a fire ;
Stuck fu' o' prins, the devililh piftures melt;
The pain by fouk they reprefent is felt.
And yonder's Maufe ; ay, ay, (he kensfu' wiel.
When ane like me comes rinning to the de'il :
She and her cat fit beeking in her yard ;
To fpeak my errand, faith amaift I'm fear'd :
But I maun do't, tho' I Aiould never thrive ;
7"hey gallop talt that de'ils and laffes drive. (Exit

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