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^yr>e dance about the banefire 'till ye die.
Since now ag,ain we'll loon Sir William fee.
Madge. Blyih news indeed !— And wha vvai't tall
you o't.
Glaud. What's that to you ?— Gae get my Sunday's
Wale out the vvhiteft of my bobit bands, (coat ;
INIy whyt-flcin hofe, and mittans for my hands;
Then frae their waflaing cry the bairns in halle,
And mak ye'r fells as trig, head, feet, andwaift.
As ye were a' to get young lads or e'en ;
i'or we're gawn o'er to dine wi' Sym bedeen.
Symtn, Do, honeft Madge— and, Glaud, I'll o'er
the gate.
And fee that a' be done as I wad hae't. (,E:isunt.
The open field A cottage in a glen.
An aidd luife fpinning at the funny en\
At a Small difiance by a blafted tree,
lyi'faiildedarms, and haff'Ta'a^ d looki, ye fee
Bauldy his lane.
W ''HAT'S this!— 1 canna bear't ! 'Tis war than
To befae brunt wi* love, yet darna tell ! (hell,
O I'egg)', fweeter than the dawning day,
Sweeter than gowany glens or new-niawn hay ;
Blyther than lambs that frifii out o'er the knows;
Straughter than aught that in the forelt grows.
Her ecu the cleaieft blob of dew out-lliines ;
The li!y in her breaft its beauty tines :
Her legs, her arms, her cheeks, her mouth, her een^
Will be my dead, that \vill be fiiortly fcen !

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