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(43) Page 35 - Peggy, now the king's come

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(43) Page 35 - Peggy, now the king's come
A green kail-yard; a little fount.
Where 'water psplin Springs :
There fits a ixiife ivi' ivrinkl^d front.
And yet fie fpim and fmgi.
SANG IX.— Tune, Carle, an' the kin^ coinr^ .
PEGGY, now the King's come,
I'eggy, now the King's come.
Thou may dance, and 1 fhall fing,
i'eggy, finoe the King's come ;
Nae mair the haukeys (halt thou milk.
But change thy plaidingcoat for filk.
And be a lady of that ilk,
Now, reggy, lince the King's come.
Enter Bauldy.
Bail. How does auld honell lucky of the glen .'
Ye look baith hale and feir at threelcore ten.
Maiife- E'en twining out a thread wi' little din.
And beeking my cautd limbs afore the iin.
What brings by bairn this gate iae air at morn ?
Is there nae muck to lead— to threlTi, nae corn I
Eau. Enough of baith— But ibinething that requires
Your helping hand, employs now a' my cares.
Maufe. My helping hand ! alake ! what can I da
Tliat underneath baith eild and poortith bow ?
Bau- Ay, but you're wife, and wifer far than wc.
Or niaiit part of the parifli tells a lie.

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