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(31) Page 23 - O dear Peggy, love's beguiling

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(31) Page 23 - O dear Peggy, love's beguiling
Whene'er he likes to tell his mind mriir plain-,
I'fe tell him frankly ne'er to do't again.
They're tools that flav'ry like, and may be free;
The chiels may a' knit up themfells for me.
Pegiy. Be doing your v^ays; far me 1 have a m.ind
To be as yieldipg as my Patie's kind.
Jenny. Heh, lais ! ho.v can ye loo that rattle ftall?
A very de'il, that ay maun ha'e his will.
We'll foon hear tell what a poor feightan life
You twa will lead, fae foon's ye're man w)fc»
Peggy. I'll rin the rifk, nor have I ony fear.
But rather think ilk langfome day a year.
Till I wi' pleafure mount my bridal-bed,
Where on my Patie^s bread I'll lean my head.
There we may kifs as lang as kiffing's good,
And what we do, there's nane dare call it rude.
He's get his will : Why no ? 'tis good my part
To give him that, and he'll give me his heart.
J-snny. He may iadeed for ten or fifteen days
Mak meikle 0' ye, wi' an unco fraife,
And daut ye baith afore fouk, and your lane ;
Eat foon as his newfanglenefs is gane.
He'll look upon you as his tether. ftake.
And think he's tint his freedom for your fake,
Inftead then of lang days of fweet deJyte,
Ae day be dumb, and a' the neift he'i) fiyte:
And may be, in his bariichoods, ne'er ftick
To lend his loving wife a loundering lick.
SANG IV.— Tune, dear mither, 'whatjliollldof
O dear Peggy, love's beguiling.
We ought not to truft his fmiling ;

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