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(30) Page 22 - Dorty will repent

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(30) Page 22 - Dorty will repent
Peggy. Ye dafh the lad wi' conftant flighting pride.
Hatred for love is unco fair to bide :
Eut ye'll repent ye, if his love grow cauld.
What like's a dorty maiden, when (he's auld?
JLike dawted wean, that tarrows at its meat.
That for fonie fecklefs whim will orp and greet •
The lave laugh at it till the dinner's pad, ' ~i
ABd fyne the fool thing is oblig'd to faftj >
Or fcart anither's leavings at the lalt. J
SANG nr.— Tune, Foliaart on the Green.
The dorty will repent,
If lover's heart grow cauld.
And nane her fmiles will tentv
Soon as her face looks auldi
The da\yted bairn thus taks the pet.
Nor eats tho' hunger crave.
Whimpers and tarrows at its meat,
And's laught at by the lave.
They jeft it till the dinner's paft ;
The fool thing is oblig'd to faft.
Or eat what they've refus'd.
Vy, Jenny, think, and dinna fit your time.
Jenny. I never thought a fingie life a crime.
P'eggy. Nor I— but love in whifpers lets us ken.
That men were made for us, and we for men,
Jetmy. If Roger is my jo, he kens himfeil.
For fie a tale I never heard him tell.
He glowrs and fighs, and 1 can guefs the caufe:
Eot wha's oblig'd to fpell his hums and haws?

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