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(32) Page 24 - How shall I be sad when a husband I hae

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(32) Page 24 - How shall I be sad when a husband I hae
Better far to do as I do.
Left a barf^er luck betide you.
L-ifl'es, when their fancy's carry'd.
Think of nought but to be marry 'd ;
Runningf to a life cieftroys
Heanfoirie, free, and youthfu' joyF.
Pe.igy. Sic coarle fpun thoughts as thae v/ant pith
to move
My fettl'd mind ; I'm o'er far gane in love.
J'atie to me is dearer than my breath,
But want of him I dread nae other fliaith.
There's nane of a' the hcrJs tiiat tread the green
1-Jas fie a fmile, or lie twa giancuig een.
And then he fjieaks wi' lie a cakiiig art,
T-iis words they thirle like mufic thro' my heart ;
Row blytbly can he fport, and gently rave.
And jeft at feckkfs r'cdrs tliat frijrbt the lave.
Ilk day that he's alar.e upon the hill.
He reads fell books that teach him meikle fldll ;
He is— but what need I fay that or this.
I'd fpend a month to tell yoa what he is !
In a' he i'ays or doet-. there's fie a gate,
The refl feem coots compar'd wi' my dear Pate.
His betcer fenfe will lang his iove fecure ;
HI nature heffs infauls that's weak and poor.
SANG v.— Tune, Hoiv can I be fad on my
ivedding-day ?
How {hall I be fad when a hufbaud T hae.
That has better fenfe than ony of that^
Soiir weak filly fellows, tliat ftudy like fools.
To fink their ain joy, and make their wivts fnools.

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