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But yetteniay I met her yont a know.
She fled as frae a Ihelly-coated cow.
She Baukly looes, Balily that drives the car.
But geeks at me, and i'ays I fmell of tar.
Patle. But Bauldy looes not her, right wiel I wat^
He lighs for Neps -,— fae that may (taiid for that.
Boger. i M'iih I cou'('.na looe her— but in vain,
J ftili maun do't, arid her proud dif.lain.
My B.vvty is a cnr i dcsariy like.
Even while he fawn'd, the itrak the poor dumb tykej
If I had fili'd a nook within her lyealt,.
She wad have Oiasvn inriir kindnefs to my beaft.
When 1 begin to tune tny iLOck and horn,
Wi' a' her face ihe ihaws a cauldrife icorn,
Laft iiigbc I pla> 'd, ye never heard lie ipite.
O'er Bog e was the fpring, and her delyCe :
Yet .tauntingly ilie at her couHn fpecr'd,
GifOie Could tell what tune 1 piay'd, and iheer'd.
Floci-cs, wander where ye like. 1 ainna care,
I'll brak my reed and never whiftle mair.
Patie. E'en da fae, Roger . wha can help niilluck .'
Saebeins Ihe be fie a thrawin-f-abbit chuck,
Yonder's .i craig; iince \e hie rint all houe,
Gae till't vour wi.ys, and take rhe lover's lowi,
Roger. I neediia mak in i;.'eed my bioiw ofpill,
ril warrai.t d.eath conie f'xm enou^;h a-wjil,.
Patie- Daft go-,'. ■:.! 'e ive aft'tfai (illywhinfrin? wayj
Seem carelefs, there's my h: o.i se'U win the day.
Hear how i ferv'd my lai's i ':o\ e :>b wiel
As ye do Jenny, and wi' heart as i^el.
Laii morning 1 was gayan earl v out.
Upon a dyke 1 leaji'd, j;lovviing about;

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