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I faw ir,y Meg come linkan o'er the lee ;
I faw my Meg, but Meggy faw na me;
For yet the I'un was wading thro' the mift.
And flie was cloFe upon me e'er fhe wift ;
Her coats were kiltit, and did iweetly fbaw
Her ftraughi bare legs that whiter were than fnavr.
Her cockernony fnooded up fu' fleek.
Her haffet locks hang waving on her cheek ;
Her cheeks fae ruddy, and her een fae clear ;
And O ! her mouth's like ony hinny pear.
Neat, neat fhe was, in buftine waiftcoat cleaH,
As fhe came fliifRng o'er the dewy green :
Blythfome, I cry'd, My bonny Meg, come here,
I ferly wherefore ye're fo l'oo!i afteer ?
Eut I can guels, ye're gawn to gather dew ;
She fcour'd awa', and laid. What's that to you?
Then fare ye wiel, Meg-Dorts, and e'en's ye like,
1 carelefs cry'd, and lap in o'er the dyke,
1 trow, when that ftje faw, within a crack.
She came wi' a right thievlefs errand back:
JNftfca'd me firft— --then bade me hound my dog.
To wear up three wafi" ews ftray'd on the bog.
1 leugh ; and fae did fhe; then wi' great hafte
I clafp'd my arms about htr neck and waift ;
About her yielding waift, and took a fouth
Of fweeteft kiffes frae her glowing mouth.
While hard and faft I held her in my grips,
tvly very faul came lowping to my lips.
Sair, fair fhe flet wi' me 'tween ilka fmack.
But wiel I kend flie meant na as iTiefpak.
Dear Roger, when your jo puts on her gloonr,
lb>o ye fae tot>j and never faOi your thumb.

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