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Patie. Were your bien rooms as thinly ftock'd as
Lefs ye wad lofs, and lei's ye wad repine. (mine;
He that has ju't enougli can foundiy fleep :
The o'ercome only falhes fouk to keep.
Roger. May plenty flow upon thee for a crofs.
That thou may 'ft thole the pangs of moay a lofs:
may 'ft thou doat on fome fair paughry wench.
That ne'er will lout thy lowan drowth to quench;
'Till bris'd beneath the burden, thou cry dool !
And :iwn that ane may fret that is nae fool.
Patie. Sax good fat lambs, I fald them illca clute
At the Weft Port, and bought a whinfome flute.
Of ptumbtree made, wi' iv'ry virles round ;
A dainty whiftle, wi' a pleafant found ;
I'll be majr canty vvi't, and ne'er cry dool.
Than you wi' a' your ca(h, ye dowie fool !
Roger. Na, I'atie, na ! I'm nae fie churliih beaft.
Some other thing lies heavier at uiy breaft :
1 dreani'd a dreary dream this hinder night.
That gars my fielh a' creep yet wi' the fright.
Patie. Now to a friend, how lilly's this pi-etence,
T(i ane wha you and a' your fecrets kens ;
Daft are your dreams, as daftly wad ye hide
Yuur well feen love, ai d dorty Jenny's pride :
Take courage, Roger, me your lorrows tell.
And fafely think nane kens them but yourfell.
Roger. Indeed now, I'acicyehave guel's'd o'er trufi
And there is naething I'll keep up frae you.
Me dorty Jenny looks upon afquint ;
To fpeakbut till her 1 dare hardly mint :
In ilka place flie jeers me air and late.
And gars me look bombaz'd, and unco blatc :

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