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Wliat tranfports fliall they to thy foul impart
(The coufcious tranfports of a jiareiit's heart),
When thou lehold'ft them of each grace pofleft.
And iighing youth's imploring to be bJeft :
After thy image forni'd, with charms like thine.
Or in the vifit, or the dance to (hine ?
Thrice happy ! who fucceed their mother's praife.
The lovely Egliatoun's of other days.
Mean while perufe the following tender fcenes.
And liften to thy native poet's ftrains :
In ancient garb the home-bred mufe appears.
The garb our mufes wore in former years :
As in a glafs reflefted, here behold
Howfmiling goodnefs look'd in days of old:
Nor bludi to read where beauty's praife is fhown.
Or virtuous love, the likenefs of thy own ;
While 'midft the various gifts that gracious heaven.
To thee, in whom it is well-pleas>'d, has given.
Let this, O Eglintoun ! delight thee moll,
T' enjoy that Innocence the world has loft.

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