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Secretary of the Admiralty,
THE nipping frotts, and driving iiia'.
Are o'er the hilis and far awn' ;
Bauld Boreas fleeps, the Zephyrs bla'.
And ilka thing
Sae daint)', yoathfu'j gay, and bra'.
Invites to ling.
Then let's bef;in by creek of day.
Kind mufe fki.Tto the bent away.
To try anes niair the landart lay,
Wi' a' thy i'peed.
Since Burchet awns that thou can play
Upon the reed.
Anes, anes again beneath fome tree
Exert thy flcili and nat'ral glee.
To him wha has fae courteouily.
To vi'eaker fight.
Set thefe * rude fonnets fung by nic
In trueft light.
In trueft light may a' that's fine
In his fair character ftill iiune,
Snia' n,ecd Iijc has of fangs like mine
To beet his name :
For frae the ngrth to foathern line.
Wide gangs Ms farae.
* To weaker fight, fet thefe, &.c.) Havin;^ done
me the honour of turning fome of niy paftoral poems
iijEo Laglilh, juftly a;id elsjianlly.

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