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Seeks Knowledge, not in vain, thy muchlov'd pow'r.
Still mufing filent at the morning hour ?
May we thy preTence hope in war's alarms.
In Stairs's wifdom, or in Erflci-.'C's charms.
In vain our flatt'ring hopes our Heps beguile.
The flying good eludes the fearcher's toil :
In vain we feek the city or the cell,
Alone with virtue knows the power to dwell :
Nor need mankind defpair thofe joys to know.
The gift themfelves may on themfelves bellow :
Soon, foon we might the precious bleflir.g boats.
But many paflions m.uft the bleffing coft;
Infernal malice, inly pining hate.
And envy, grieving at anothe'-'s flate;
Revenge no more muft in our hearts rem.air?.
Or burning luft, or avarice of gain.
When thefe are in the human bofom nurft.
Can peace reGde in dwellings fo accurll ?
Unlike, O Eglintoun ! thy happy bre-aft,
Calhi and ferene enjoys the heav'nly gueft ;
From the tumultuous rule of paffions freed,
Pure in thy thought, and fpotlefs in thy deed;
In virtues rich, in goodnefs unconfin'd,
Thou (hin'ft a fair example to thy kind ;
Sincere and equal to thy neighbour's name.
How fwift to praife, how guilrlefs to defame?
Bold in thy prefence Bafhfulnefs appears.
And backward Merit lofes all its fears :
Supremely bleft by heaven, heaven's richefl; grace,
Confeft is thine an early blooming race;
Whofe pleating fmiles fhall guardian wifdom arns.
Divine inftruilion ! taught of thee to charm :

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