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tc the COUNTESS //EGLlk'TOUN. f
Then grudging have, and finful pride fucceed,
Cvut;l revenge, and faife nnri^hteous deed ;
Then dovy'rlets beauty loCtthe JKJwer to move;
The ruft of iucre Ilain'd the gold of love :
Bounteous no niove, and holpitably good.
The senia! hd^irth firit blufti'd with ftranger's bleed:
The friend no more upon the friend relies.
And femblant falfehood puts on truth's difguife :
The peftcelul hoafehold fiU'd with dire alarms:
The raviih'd virgin mourns her flighted charms :
The voice of inipious mirth is heard around,
In guilt they feaft, in guilt the bowl is crown'd;
Unpunilh'd violence lords it o'er the plains.
And happinefs forfakes the guilty fwaius.
Oh H-ippii-.els ! from human race retir'J,
Where art thou to be found by all delir'd?
Nun fober and devoKt ! why art thou fled.
To liide in fmdes thy meek contented head?
Virgin of aipedl mild! ah why, unkind,
Fly'll thou, difpleas'd, the Com«ierce of mankind?
O ! teach oar iteps to find the fecret cell.
Where, with thy fire Content, thou lov'ft to dvvelL
Or fay, doit thoa a duteous handmaid wait
Familirir at the chambers of the great ?
Dolt thou purfue the voice of them that call
To noify revel and to midnight ball ?
Or the full banquet when we feaft our foul,
Do'ft thou inipire the m.irth, or mix the bowl ?
Or, with th' induftrious planter dolt thou talk,
Converfmg freely in an evening walk?
Say, does the mifer e'er thy face behold.
Watchful and ftudious of the treafur'd gold?

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