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Pure and untaught, fach nature flrft infpir'd.
Ere yetithe fair affedled phrafe liefar'd.
His fecret thoughts were undifguis^d with art.
His words ne'er knew to differ from his heart i
He fpeaks his love fo artlefs and fincere,
As thy Eliza might be pleas'd to hear.
Heav'n only to the Ruial State bellows
Conqueft o'er life, and freedom froiM its woes:
Secure alike from envy and from care.
Nor rals'd by hope, nor yet deprefb'd by fear :
Nor Want's lean h:uid its happinefs conftrains.
Nor Riches torture with ill-gotten gains.
No fecret guilt it.-: Itedfaft peace deftroys.
No wild ambition iiiterru'.ils its joys.
ileft (til! to ipend the hours that heav'n has lent,
Jn humble goounefs, and in calm content :
Serenely gentle, as the thoughts that roll,
Sinleis and pure, in fair Huineia's foul.
But now the Rural State thefe joys has loft:
Even fwains no more that innocence can boaft:
Love fpeaks no more what beauty may believe.
Prone to betray, and pradtis'a to deceive.
Now happinefs forfakes her blett retreat.
The peaceful dwellings where (he fix'd her feat^
The pieafing fields flie wont of old to grace.
Companion to an upright Ibber race.
When on the fanny hill, or verdant plain.
Free and familiar with the fons of men.
To crown the pleafures of the blamelefs feaft.
She uninvited came a welcome gueft;
Ere yet an age, grown rich in impious arts,
Brib'd from their innocence incaatious hearts j

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