Some highlights from Slezer's engravings



Detail from SL.10

Linlithgow Palace, with its crowned tower, seen from the west across the loch. St Michael's Church is to the right.

Detail from: Linlithgow - 'The Prospect of their Maj'ties Palace of Linlithgow'.


Detail from SL.16

Glasgow Cathedral, seen from the Necropolis to the east.

Detail from: Glasgow - 'The Prospect of ye Town of Glasgow from ye North East'.


Detail from SL.24

Dunkeld Cathedral and House, viewed from the south across the River Tay.

Detail from: Dunkeld - 'The Prospect of the town of Dunkeld'.


Detail from SL.58

Edinburgh Castle from Calton Hill, with the Nor' Loch in the foreground.

Detail from: Edinburgh - 'The North Prospect of the City of Edenburgh'.


Detail from SL.41

The ruined tower of Arbroath Abbey.

Detail from: Arbroath - 'The Prospect of ye Abby of Aberbrothick'.


Detail from SL.44

St John's Church in Perth, seen from the east across the River Tay.

Detail from: Perth - 'The Prospect of ye Town of Perth'.


Detail from SL.54

Rosslyn Chapel, south of Edinburgh, seen from the south-east.

Detail from: Rosslyn Chapel - 'The Chappell of Rosslin'.

  Bass Rock

Detail from SL.56

The Bass Rock and its fort in the Firth of Forth, thronged by sea gulls.

Detail from: 'The Bass Rock'.

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