Alloa - 'The Prospect of the House & of the Town of Alloua'

The town of Alloa in Clackmannanshire has greatly expanded since Slezer's day. This view shows the 15th-century Alloa Tower and, beside it, Alloa House. Mary Queen of Scots and her son James stayed in the tower, which was the ancestral home of the Earls of Mar. In Slezer's time the property was being greatly expanded, and had extensive gardens.

Much of that palace was destroyed by fire in the 1800s, with only the tower being saved.

Image from Theatrum Scotiae by John Slezer, 1693.

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Slezer Engraving

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  Read what Robert Sibbald wrote in Theatrum Scotiae about Alloa


Allowa, a Town in Clackmannon-shire, and seems to be the same Ptolomy calls Allauna, is situated on a pleasant Plain to the North of Forth; and hath a convenient Harbour for Ships of Burthen, many of which come thither for Salt and Coals. Here the Earl of Marr, Chief of the Areskins, hath a pleasant Dwelling with a Wood adjacent.

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