Culross House ('Culrosse')

John Slezer's view of Culross House in Fife shows the extent of the formal gardens and the extensive formal tree-planting. The house itself, also referred to as 'Culross Abbey House', sits in the background. To the right of it are the ruins of Culross Abbey.

Unusually in Slezer's drawings, there are elements here that are faint, and the view in the distance seems to fade out. Towards the back, figures are walking along a broad pathway, with two horsemen galloping. There also appear to be animals on the path, but it's hard to be sure. In front of the path is an area of the garden where planting is taking place, although the figures are a bit vague.

This prospect wasn't included in Theatrum Scotiae until the 1719 edition.

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Slezer Engraving

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