Dryburgh - 'The Prospect of the Town of Dryburgh'

This plate focuses on the ruins of Dryburgh Abbey and the surrounding countryside of the Scottish Borders. It does not show the nearby farm dwellings of Dryburgh.

Dryburgh Abbey was founded by monks of the Premonstratensian Order from the mid-12th century. It survived as a religious centre until the 16th century, and then fell into ruin. Slezer's viewpoint was a hill on the opposite side of the River Tweed, looking across the incised meander of the river encircling the abbey.

Image from Theatrum Scotiae by John Slezer, 1693.

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Slezer Engraving

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To the Right Honourable John Earl of Arroll, Lord Hay and Slains, &c. Lord High Constable of Scotland.


The Abbey of Drybrugh is situate upon the Bank of the River Tweede, in Tivedale. 'Twas founded by Hugh de Morvill, High Constable of the Kingdom of Scotland, for the Monks of the Order of Premontre.

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