Recipes from Scotland 1680s to 1940s



Mushroom Fricassee

Traditionally Scots cooks added whatever vegetables were to hand to their soups and broths.

As more people grew their own vegetables, new ways of cooking them were devised.

Pies and stews, in which vegetables were added to meat or fish — such as 'Chicken pie with artichokes' — were popular.

In the 18th century recipes for vegetable dishes appear.

This 'Fricassie of mushrooms' recipe is from an extensive and well-organised recipe book dated Dumfries, 1722.

In the recipe, mushrooms are stewed in their own liquor with a little cream and white wine. The mixture was seasoned 'very high', thickened with egg yolks, butter and flour, and served with spinach.

Page of handwritten recipe

Part of a recipe for 'Fricassie of mushrooms', from an anonymous recipe book

Anonymous recipe book dated 'Dumfries, 1722'. [Library reference: MS.10281]