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Soups and broths

High-class soups

Martha Bruce, Countess of Elgin, has a range of soups from strong broths to delicate 'cullis', in her 18th-century book of recipes for 'physick and cookery of various kinds'.

As governess to Princess Charlotte, daughter of the future George IV, she spent much of her time in London and her recipe book may have been compiled there.

Her 'Green Peas Soup' is based on veal or ham stock thickened with flour. It was served with pieces of fried or toasted bread.

Turtle Soup

Turtle Soup was an extravagant 18th century soup. Even the élite substituted a calf or sheep's head stewed in strong stock and fortified with wine.

Martha Bruce's lemon-flavoured version was a substantial dish with meat balls and hard boiled eggs.

Clear Mock Turtle Soup, a light version of the classic dish, was served at society dinners.

Mock Turtle Soup recipe

Martha, Countess of Elgin's 'Mock Turtle' recipe

Martha, Countess of Elgin's recipe book, 18th century. [Library reference: MS.10282]

Soups and broths