Recipes from Scotland 1680s to 1940s

Oatmeal and bread

A Scottish staple

Mary Malcolm Palmer-Douglas from Dumfries-shire used medium or coarse oatmeal in this 1930s recipe for porridge.

Traditionally, porridge requires long cooking and is eaten standing up to aid the digestion and keep the eater alert to danger.

Mary's porridge cooked quickly in 'about 40 to 45 minutes'! She placed an asbestos mat on the gas ring to prevent burning.

Mary stirred her porridge with a spurtle or 'porridge stick' and served it with milk. Those with a sweet tooth add honey or syrup.

Today porridge is cooked on the stove, in the microwave or even bought ready to eat.

Handwritten recipe for porridge

Mary Malcolm Palmer-Douglas's porridge recipe, 1930s

Mary Malcolm Palmer-Douglas's recipe book, 1892-1930s. [Library reference: Acc.10708/7]

Oatmeal and bread