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Many countries produce dishes similar to haggis using parts of the animal which might otherwise be discarded.

Made from minced sheep's lungs, liver, and heart, mixed together with oatmeal, suet, onions and spices, haggis is traditionally cooked and served in a sheep's stomach.

There are few recipes for haggis in either manuscript or printed recipe books. This is probably because it was so common that there was no need to write down the recipes.

Author Sir Walter Scott claimed haggis originated in France. What seems more likely is that Robert Burns's patriotic 'Address to the Haggis' and its role at Burns Suppers celebrating the national poet — and popularised by Scott himself — are in no small way responsible for its association with Scotland.

This recipe from a Barkly of Mount Eagle family recipe book of the 1820s was copied from 'Blackwood's Magazine'.

Handwritten recipe for haggis

Barkly of Mount Eagle family recipe for 'The Scotch haggis'

Barkly of Mount Eagle family recipe book, 1820s. [Library reference: Acc.9907/18]

Meat, game and poultry