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6 Dedication.
kinsman, Kenneth ^Mackenzie, a younger son of the
proprietor of Kilcoy, Ross-shire. On the death of this
gentleman, his eldest son, Kenneth, a general iu the army,
sought a revival of the baronetcy in his favour as heir-of-
line. His application was entertained, and he was created
a baronet in 1831.
On the 3d September 1625, a baronetcy of Nova Scotia
was conferred on Gilbert Ramsay, Esq. of Balmain. Sir
Alexander Ramsay, sixth baronet, who died in 1806,
settled his estates on Alexander Burnet, Esq., his sister's
son, who was forthwith created a baronet, though his
uncle. Sir Thomas Ramsay, Avho succeeded to the ori-
ginal baronetcy, was still living.
Sir John Colquhoun of Luss was created a baronet of
Xova Scotia on the 30tli August 1625. Sir Humphry
Colquhoun, fourth baronet, having liis only daughter
married to James Grant, Esq. of Pluscardine, resigned his
baronetcy into the hands of the Crown, obtaining a new
patent, whereby his son-in-law became entitled to succeed
him in the baronetcy. The succession took place in 1715.
The Strachan baronetcy is one of the three most
ancient in Scotlaud, and its revival in your person would
be peculiarly appropriate. Descended from an ancient

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