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Dedication. 7
House of distinguished lineage, now possessing large estates,
3^ou have personally done acceptable service to the State.
In India you held various responsible offices ; you were
chosen one of the jurors of the Great Exhibition in 1851 ;
and you have since, as an Irish county magistrate, done
good service in jDcrilous times. You are well known for
your archaeological researches both in Asia and Europe ;
and your " History of Medicine among the Asiatics " has
an important place in Sanskrit literature.
In bringing my present researches to a close, joermit me
to acknowledge my obligations to the authorities in the
College of Arms, London ; to the Lyon King of Arms and
his deputies ; to Sir Bernard Burke, Ulster King of Arms ;
to Alexander Sinclair, Esq., and Colonel Joseph L. Chester,
the eminent genealogists, and to the gentlemen in charge
of the Chancery, Historical, and Births Departments in
the General Register House, Edinburgh.
I am, dear Dr Wise,
Your obedient ftiithful servant,
Lewisham, Kent, March 1873.

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