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quhaira», the keeping of tliame longer witliin the faitl Tolhoith, is trouhlefome and hurdenahle to the
towi of Hadinglon, and foflors tlie faids theives in ane opinion of impunitie, to tlie incourageing of the
red of tiiat infamous byke' of lawles limmars to continow in thair theivilh trade: TnAlUFOin, the
Lords of Secret Couiifell ohdans the Shireff of Hadinton or his deputs to pronunce and
SENTENCE OF DEATH aganis lb manie counterfoot Theivea as ar men, and aganis fo manie of the
weomen as wants children, Ordaning the men to be Hasgit, and tlie weomen to be Drowned:
and that fuche of the weomen as hes children to be Scourgit throw the burgh of Hadinton and
Brunt ill the cheeke : And Ordanis and commandis the Provefl and Baillies of Hadinton to caus this
doome be execute vpon the faidis perfons accordinglie.
No. VI.
Offices of the Clerkship of Justiciary-General and Master of
THE Ceremonies, &c.
{See Vol. III., p. 558.)
[In reference to the preceding entry in the Record, it may be interesting to
insert the following singular Letter from Mr Alexander Colville, Justice-Depute,
to A'iscoiuit Annan, which has been recovered from Sir James lialfuui's MS.
Collections, on account of its throwing some farther light on those important
appointments ; and besides, it is a curious document, and is highly characteristic
of the parties concerned, and of the spirit of those times. It has also been
thought proper to present to the reader a notice which occurs in the Books of
Adjournal, containing the appointment of Sir George Elphingstoun of Blythes-
wood, knight, as Sir Archibald Napier's successor, in the first year of the reign
of King Charles I.]
I. Letter,- 3£r Alexander Coluile, Jvjiice-Depute, to Vifcount Annan.^
Dec. 20, 1622.
Right Honorable,
Your Lo. fliall be advertiffed that he who is prefentlie Justice Clerc, {the Lard of Ormejioun,')
is fo afflicted with extreame aage, blindnes, and vther infirmities, that he is altogither difinabled ather
to valk abrod, or difcharge his place ; and by all appearance, is not long to furvive. And becawfe it
concernes me fo neir, that feruis his Ma'^'^ as Jullice deput, to be veil or ewill yoked,* in cace it
pleis God that I liwe, I haue aduentured thir few lynis, being confident of ■;our lo. goodnes, that his
Ma'"^, by jour lo. informatioun, micht be the better prepared aganis the iniportunitie of vnfitt futors*
for that place (of Juftice clerk), quhilk audit uocht to be giwen to thois that futt^ it, hot to thois that
' Usually applied to denote a hive or nest of wasps, wild bees, or hornets. * Denmylne MSS. Adv. Library.
' Sir John INIl'rray, a /vz-ofcf/ee of the Earl of IMorton, and a distinguished favourite at Court, was successively
Gentleman of the Bedchamber, and blaster of the Horse, &c to James VI. He acquired great wealth and estates ;
and was created Viscount of Annand, and Lord Muiray of Lochmaben ; and afterwards Eakl of Annandalf, Mar.
1 3, 102 1-5. * Well or ill yoked ; having a good or bad partner, or coadjutor. ' Suitors ; applicants. ' Petition for.

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