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ar vortbie of it. And as the lywis of men ar mor pretious then tlieir goods, fo lett tlie vortliines of
him be refpected, to quiiome the lywis of men ar to be tiufted ; for if lie quho is to be inclofed with
Aflyfors, (quha for the moft, ar rud and ignorant,) depending much vpone the (Lord Juftice) Clerc
his informatioun ; if he, I fay, be not a found confcientious man, and frie of baife biibrie, he may
prowe a pernitious inflrument, and be the cawfe that iniquitie may be committed ; as wee haue 5it in
raemorie, of on Thomas Scot of AbotiJhaU, quho was Juftice Clerk to King James the Fyft, of
happie memorie, quho being ftrukin with a terror of confcience, at the hour of his death, for his ewill
cariage in that place, dyed in difperatioun, crying, ' I am damned I I am damned !' jit among all
vjieris, joung men, and men of great Clannis ar moft dangerous for that place. Ceacing farther to
fafche 3our lo. earis, and referring all to ^our lo. prudence ; vilhing, that, by a happie election of fuch
ane Officiar, God may gett glorie, nis Ma^'" contentment, and the people fecuritie, by getting right
quhen thair lywes (liall be in queftion, and jour lo. praife and thankis for being a good inftrument.
Thus, refting confident that 50ur lo. will tak my boldnes in good part, I reft,
Your lo. affectioned and humble feruitour,
Ed«, 20 Dec. 1622. A. Coluille.
To the right honorable his fpeciall good lord, my Loud Vicount of Annan.
II. Extract /rom the Books of Adjournal, Dec. 2, 1625.
(Dec. 2, 1625.) — Sir George Elphingstoun of Blythifwoid, kny', ane of the Lordis of his
Maiefteis Previe Counfall, producet ane Gift, grantit to him be our kit fouerane lord, James the faxt,
of moft happie memorie, vnder his hienes Previe Still, oft" the Offices of' Clerk of our Justi-
ciARiE Generall, AND Maisteu OF Ceremoneis at the Creatioun of all Erles, Lordis, and
BaiTones, and of all vther foleme AiTembleis, quhair honourable Ceremoneis araccuftomet and neceffar
to be vfet, within this our laid Kingdome of Scotland. — Quhilkis Ofiices ar now vacand in our handis
and at our gift and difpoiitioun, be dimiffioun maid thairof in our handis be Sir Archibald Napeh
of Merchiftoun, kny', thefaurer deput of our faid kingdome of Scotland.' Dated ' AT Bissame, the
nyne and tuentie day of Auguft, the ^eir of God 1C24, and of our regnne the 58 and 22 5eiris.'
The faid Sir George gaif his aithe dejldcli adinmijiratione in the faid Clerkfchip of Jufticiarie, in
prefence of the faid Juftice depute.
No. VII.
Remahkable Examinatioists and Confessions of persons accused of
Witchcraft, Sorcery, &c.
[Ajiong the circumstances which peculiarly characterize the earlier Criminal
proceedings of SCOTLAND, as well as those of England, France, and Ger-
many, &c., none are more i:)rominent than the immitigated rigour with which
the profession as well as the practice of Witchcraft, Sorcery, and Necromancy, were
punished. The liecatomhs of innocent victims, whose lives were sacrificed to
satisfy the gloomy superstitions of Nations termed Christian and civilized, hut

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