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III. Precept to the Earl and Lord of Little Egypt; granting poiver to h'nn
to hang and puni/h all Egijptians tcithiii the Kingdome of Scotland. Dated,
May 26, 1540.
Prececeptum Litere Johannis Wanne, filii et Iieredis quondam Johannis Fall, Minoris
Egipti Comitis ac Domini, et Magistri Egiptiorum, infra regnum Scotie exilten Dan.
fibi poteftatem preilictos Egipxios ad fibi obediend. et parend. plectere et punire, &c. Apud St
Andros, Mail 26, 1540.'
IV. Act of the Lords of Council, relative to John Faw/ &^c. Jun. 6, 1541.
The quliilk day, anentis the coniplaintis gevin in be Jhon'e Faw, and his brether, and Sebastiane
Lowlaw, Egiptianis, to the King's Grace, ilkane plein5eaud vpoun vther of diverfe faltis and
iniuris : And that it is aggreit aniang thame to pafle hanie, and to haue the fame decydit before the
Duke of Egipt : The Loidis of Counfale, being avifit with the poinds of the faidis complaintis, and
vnderrtanding perfitlie thegret thiftisand fcathis done be the faidis Egiptianis vpoun our foverane lordis
liegis, quliaireuer thai cum or refortis : Ordanis Lettres to be direct to the Proveiiis and Bailies of
Edinburgh, Sanct Jhonfloun, Dundee, INIonrofe, Aberdene, Sanct-androis, Elgin, Forrefe, and Inuer-
nefe ; and to the Scliirefis of Edinburgh, Fif, Perth, Forfair, Kincardiu, Aberdene, Eigyn, and Forefe,
Banf, Crummarty, Inuernefe, and all vtheris Scliirefis, lleuartis, proveiiis, and bailies, quhair it hap-
pinnis the faidis Egiptianis to refort, — to command and charge thame, be oppin prodamatioun at
the mercat croces of the iieid Burgh of the Scherefdomes, to depairt furth of this realme, with their
wifis, baruis, and companeis, within xxx dayis efter thai be charget therto, vnder the pane of deid :
Notwithflanding ony vtheris Lettres or privilegis grantit to thame be the Kingis grace : Becaus bis
Grace, with avife of the Lordis, hes difchargit the faniin, for the caufis foirfaidis ; with certificatioun,
and^ thai be fundin in this realme, the faidis xxx dayis being paft, thai falbe tane and put to deid.
V. Respite, granted to the Captain of the Egyptians and his three fons, for
the Slaughter of Ninian Smaill}
Ane Respitt maid to Andro Faw, Capitane of the Egiptianis, George Faw, Robert
Faw, and Anthony Faw, his fons ; for airt and pairt of the Slauchter of umquhile Niniane Smaill,
fervand to John Lard, Smith ; committit and done in the moneth of Marche, the yeir of God I'^.V'^^.
liij yeiris, upon fuddantie : and for all actioun and cryme that may follow thairupoun : And for the
fpace of xix yeiris to indure. At Lynlythgow", the xxiij day of Mai-ch, 1553.
VI. Respite to John Faiv, and other Egyptians,for the above-mentioned
Slaughter. Apr. 8, 1554,5
Axe respitt maid to Johnn Faw, Egiptiaxe, Andro George, Nichoah George, Sebas-
tiane CoLYM, George Colym, and uthers Egiptianis, now being within this realme ; for arte and
parte of the Slauchter of umquhile Niniane Small; committit within the toun of Lintoun — 19 years.
At Linlythgw, Apr. 8, 1554.
VII. Act of Privy Council,' anentfome Egiptianis.' Nov. 10, 1636."
Apud Ed", 10 Novembris, 1636. Forsameikle as Sir Arthure Douglas of Quhittinghame
haveing latelie tane andapprehendit fome of the vagabound and counterfut theives and limmars, callit
Egyptianis, he prefentit and delyverit thame to the Shereflf-prmcipall of the fliirefdome of Edin-
burghe, within the conftabularie of Hadington, quhair they have remained this month, or thairby ; And
' This short entry is all that occurs in Reg. Seer. Siy., under the above date. ' Acta Dom. Con., XV., 155.
' If; an. « Beg. Sfcr. Sig., XXVII., 3. ' Beg. Seer. Sig., XXVII., 36. ' Beg. Seer. Coneilii.

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