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Elgin and Fores, Name, Innemefe, Linlitliq^', Striuiling, Lanail<, Glaff;^^', Ruthiiglenne, Renfrew,
Dnnbertane, Air, Drumfreis, Wigtoun, Irwyne, Kirkcmlljriclit, Quliitterne ; and to all vjieris Sclie.
reffis, Stewartis, provellis, auldermenne, and bailleis within oure realme, greting. Forsamekill as
it is huimlienienitandfcliewin to wsbe oure louit, Joiixxe Fa w, Loud and EuleofLitill Egipt;
That qnhair he ohtenit oure Lettres vnder oure grete feile, direct to 50W, all and findry oure faidis
Scliereflis, llcwartis, baillies, proueflis, aldermen, and baillies of burrois, and to all and findry vjiris
havaud autorite within oure realme, to afllll to him in executioune of jullice vpoun his cumpany and
folkis, confonne to ])e lawis of Egipt, and in pnnifling of all Jiaim fat rebellis aganis him: Neuiii-
JjELEs, as we ar informyt, Sebastiaxe Lalow, Egiptiane, ane of ]ie laid Johnnis cumpany, with his
complices and pairt-takaris Tndir-writtin, ])at is to fay, Anteane Donea, Satona Fango, Nona
Fisco, Phillip IIatfeyggow, Towla BAIL30W, Grasta Neyn, Geleyr BAIL50W, Berxard
Beige, Demer Matskalla, Notfaw Lawlowr, Martyne Femine, rebellis and conlpiris aganis
J)e faid Johnxe Faw, and hes removit fame alluterly out of his cumpany, and takin fra him diuerfe
fovmes of money, jowellis, claithis, and vjiris gudis, to )ie quantile of ane grete fovme of money, and
on na wyfe will pafs hame with him, howbeit he has biddin and remanit of lang tyme vpoun fame,
and is bunding and oblill to bring hame with him all fame of liis company fat aron live, and ane telti-
monialc of f ame f at ar deid : And als. fe faid Johnne hes the faid Sjsbastiaxis Obligatioune, maid
in Dunfermling, befor our Mailler houllald, ]iat he and liis cumpany fuld remane with him, and on na
wyfe depart fra him, as the famin beiris. In contrar ]'e tenour of fe quhilk, fe faid Sebastiane, be
finiller and wrang iuforniatioune, fals relatioune, and circumventioun ofws, lies purchefl our writingis,
difchargeing him and ]>e remanent of ]ie perfonis aboue writtin, his complicis and pairt-takaris of the
faid Joiixxis cumpany, and with his gudis takin be fame fra him, caufiis certane our liegis affill to
fame and fair opinionis, and to fortify and tak fair pairt aganis fe faid Johnne, fair lord and raaifter ;
fua fat he on na wyfe can apprehend nor get fame to haue fame hame agane within f aire awin cuntre,
eftir f e tenour of his faid Band, to his hevy dampnage and fkaithe, and in grete peroll of tynfall of his
heretage, and expres aganis jullice. Our will is heirfor, and we charge 50W ftraitlie, and com-
maiidis, fat, incontynent fir our Letteres fene, ^e and ilk ane of ^ow, within f e boundis of :;our Ofiices,
command and charge all our liegis fat nane of f aim tak vpoune hand to reffet, affill, fortify, fupple,
nianteine, defend or tak pairt with fe faid Sebastiane and his complices aboue writtin, for na
buddis nor vf er way, aganis the faid Johne Faw, fair lord and maifler ; hot fat f ai, and 5e, inlikwife
tak and lay handis vpoune fame quhareuir fai may be apprehendit, and bring faim to him to be pvnill
for fair demeritis, conforrae to his lawis : And help and fortify him to pvnis and do jullice vpoune
fame for fair trefpaffis : And to fat efl'ect, len to him ;oure prefonis, llokis, felteris, and all vfer
thingis necelfar f airto, as ;e and ilk ane of ;ow, and all vf eris oure liegis, will anfuer to ws fairupoune,
and vnder all hieaR pane and charge fat eftir may follow; fwa fat fe faid Johnxe have na caus of
complajTit heirapoune in tyme cuming, nor to refort agane to ws to fat effect, nochtwithllanding ony
oure writings llnillerly purclielt, or to be purcheft, be fe faid Sebastiane, in fe contrar. And als,
charge all oure liegis, fat nane of faim mnlell, vex, inquiet, or trouble fe faid Johnne Faw and his
cumpany, in doing of fair lefull befynes, or vf erwayis, within our realme, and in fair palfmg, remanyns,
or away-ganging furth of fe famyne, vnder fe pane aboue writtin : And fidike, fat se command and
charge all Ikippars, mailleris, and marinaris of all fchippis within oure realme, at all Portis and Ha-
vynnis quhair fe faid Johxxe and his cumpany lalhappin to refort and cum, to refaue him and fame
fairin, upoune fair expenfes, for furing of fame furth of oure realme to fe partis beyond ley : As fai
and ilk ane of fame ficlike will anfuer to ws fairupoune, and undir fe pane forfaid. Subscrilit with
oure hand, and under ome Priue Seile, at Falkland, fe fiveteine day of Februai", and of oure reii'ne
the xxviij jeir. Stih/cript. per Regem. [JAMES R.'J
' Rg. Sec, Sig. XIV. f. 59. — Vide also Apr. '25, 1553, and Apr. 8, 1551, Remission of Andro Faw, &c., fur
murder of Nioian SuKiill.

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