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' Maij 10, 1502. Item, to the Erle of Grece, be the Kingis command,
xiiij f.
' Jun. 28. Item, to axe Knycht of Grece, be the Kingis commande, vij lib.
* Item, for ane ring of gold, fet with ane dyamant, and tua rubyis, in maner
oifiour lie lice, iiij lib.
' Feb. 24, 1503. Item, in Drumfreife, to Peter the Moriene, ix f.
' Dec. 11, 1504. Item, quhen the 3Iore lajs ' wes criftinit, gifEn to put in the
caudill, ix f.
' Apr. 22, 1505. Item, to the EGYPTiAXis,be the Kixgis command, vij lib.
' 1530. Item, to the Egiptianis that danfit before the Kixg, in Haly-
rudhous, xl. f.'
These are the only early notices the Editor has hithei-to met with, in that
valuable Record. It is very probable, however, that some of them have no
reference to Egyptians. A variety of other documents have been obtained from
the Records of the Privy Seal, &c., which follow this brief and imperfect notice.]
I. Letter^//w« King James IV. to the King of Denmarh, in favour of
Anthony Gawin, Earl of Little Egypt, S^c. Anno 1506.^
Illustrussime, &c. Anthonius Gawino, ex Parva Egypto Comes, et cjetera ejus comitatus,
gens afflicta et niiferancia, dum Cliriftianam oibem peregrinationes ftudio Apoftolica; Sedis (ut refert)
juffu, fuorum more peregrinans fines noftri regni dudum advenerat, atque in fortis fue et mifeiiarum
liujus populi, refugium, Nos pro Iiumanitate imploraverat ut noftios limites fibi impune adiie, res
cunctas, et quam habet focietatem libere ciicumagere liceret. Impetrat facile quse poftulat mil'eroruni
}iotninum dura fortuna. Ita aliquot menfes bene et catholice, (fie accepimus,) hie veifatus, ad te,
Rex et Avuncule, in Daciam tranfitum parat. Sed Oceanum tranfmiiruius noftras Literas exoravit,
quibus celfitudinem tuam borum certiorem redderenius, fimul et calamitatem ejus gentis Regiffi tuse
munificentia? conimendareraus. Ceterum errabundK Egypti fata, morefque et genus eo tibi quam
nobis credius notioia quo Egyptus tuo regno vicinior, et major Lujufmodi bominuiu frequentia tuo
diverfatur imperio. Illuftrifiime, &c.
II. Letter, under the Privy Seal, by King James V. in favour of ' Johnne
Faw, Lord and Erie of Little Egijpt:^ Feh. 15, 1540.
James, be J>e grace of God, King of Scottis : To oure Schereffis of Edinburgbe, principal!, and
within the conflabularie of Hadingtoun, Berwik, Roxburghe, Selkirk, Perth, Forfar, Fife, Clakman-
nane, Kinrol'e, Kincarchn, Abirdene, Banf, Elgin and Fores, Name, Innemefe, Liulithq'^', Peblis,
Striviling, Lanark, Renfrew, Dunbertane, Air, Drumfreis, Bute, and Wigtoun ; Stewartis of Annan-
derdale, Kirkcudbryclit, Menteithe, and Stratberne ; Baillies of Kile, Carrik, and Cunyngbame ; and
])aire deputis ; Provcftis, aldermen, and baillies of oure burrowis and cieteis of Edinburgh, Hadingtoun,
Lawder, Jedburgh, Selkirk, Peblis, Perth, Forfar, Cowper, Sanctandrois, Kincardin, Abirdene, Banf,
' Dec. 2, 1512, she is styled the 'QuENisi/aA morfiV and on Feb. 1612-13, '^W-E/ene.' And on Jul. )9, 1513,
* Blak MargaixV gets a payment of xlviij s. They do not appear to have been Egyptians, but Negroes. The notices,
however, are so curious that they are given along witli the rest. ^ MS. Reg. 13. B. II. Taken from Pinkerton's
Hist, of Scotland, quarto, Lond.,1797, vol. ii. p. 4-14. ' Reg. Seer. Sig. xiv., 39. A very unfaithful transcript
of this document had formerly been published in the Appendix to Maclaurin's Criminal Trials.

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