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[VII. Dunbar To the King;
S.T.S., p. 208.]
Of benefyce ftz'r at euery feist
quha monyest hes makz> maist requeist
[p. 9] (Get pai no^t all) pai think 36 (wrang thame)
ay is the owr vord off the gest
gifif pame the pelff to paz-t anang1 thame 5
Suz« swallis suan sum swallis duik
and I stand fastand In ane nuik
quhill the efifec off all thay fang thane1
Bot lord quhow piteowslie I luik
quhen all the pelff thay pzzrt amang thane1 10
Off sic hie feistzk off sanctzx in glory
Bait/z off commons and proper story
quhar lord 1 was patrones oft I sang thane1
Caritas pro dei amore
and jet I gatt nathing amazzg thane1 15
This blind world euer so payis his det
Ryche befoir puir spraidz'-r ay pair net
To fische all wattem dois belang pane1
quha nothing hes can no thing get
Bot ay is sefar set [ajmang thane1 20
Sa thay the kirk had In to cuir
Thay force bot lytill quho2 it fuir
nor off the buikzk nor bellzk quha rang thame
Thay penft noo&t off the prochene puir
had thai the pelff to part amang them 25
1 So in MS.
2 Altered to how above the line.

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