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[p. 8] It is no glaid collatioune
quhair ane makw mirry ane vgair luikw dowft
Ane thristA ane vpair playis cope owt
Lat anes the cope go rownd abowt
and wein pe couems benissoun 15
Quod dumbar
[VI. Dunbar Aganis the Selistaris
in Court;1 S.T.S., p. 206 ]
Be diu^rft wyift and operatiounes
men makA in court pair solistationes
sum be ftmhce and diligence
sum be co«tinvall residence
Suwz one his substance dois abyd 5
Quhilk 2 fortoune do for him pn?vyd
Su;« singA sum dances suw tellA storyis
Sum lait at ewin bringA in pe moryis
Suwz flirdA sum fen^eis and suw flatter A
Suwz playis the fuill and all owt clatterA 10
Su;« man Musand be pe waw
LuikA as he mycht noc-^t do wzt^ aw
Suw standA in a Nuk and rownes
for covetyce ane vpair neir swownes
Suw beris as he wald ga vud 15
for Hait desyr off varldA gud
Suw at pe meft lewes all devociofi
and besy labozzrA for premocione
Sum hes pair aduocattA in chalmir
and takzis- thame selff pair off no glawmir 20
my sempillnes amang the laiff
wait off na way sa god me saiff
Bot with ane huwmble cheir and face
RefferA me to the kyngA grace
me think his graciows countenance 25
In Ryches is my sufflciance
Quod dumbar
1 Another copy on p. 316 of the MS.
2 Sic, for quhill.

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