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So warryit is this varld rent
That me» off it ar neuer content
off dethe quhill pat the dragoune stange pame
Quha maist hes maist dois pane repewt
and hes maist compt to part ama«g thame 30
Quod dumbar
[VIII. Dunbar Lerning vain without
Guid LyfeS.T.S., p. 224.]
To speik off science craft or sapience
off vertew morall cubing or doctryne
off lure off wisdome or Intelligence
10] Of every studie lair or disciplyne
all is hot tynt or reddy for to tyne 5
no(7^t vsing it as it suld vsit be
The craft excersing ^wsidering nocht pe fyne
Ane p^ralouft seikneft is vane prospmte
The curius probacion logicall
the eloquence off ornat rethorye 10
The naturall science2 filosophicall
The dirk apirance off astronamy
The theologgA ft^rmon the fable off poetrye
viith owt guid lyff all in pe salff dois de
as mayis flouris dois in September drye 15
ane pi?ralowft lyff is vane prosperite
Quhar foir 36 clerkA grytast off Constance
fullest off science and off knaleging
to ws be mirrourzs in 3owr gou^mance
and in 3owr dirkneft be lampis off schiniwg 20
Or thane in frustar3 is4 3owr lang lerniwg
Gyff to 3owr sawis 3o«r deidA cwtrar be
3owr maist accusar is 3o«r awin cubing
ane pifralowft seiknes is vane prosperite
Quod dumbar
1 Another copy on pp. 317-18 of the MS. 2 off deleted here.
* Corrected to vain. 4 all interlined here.

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