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CXLVI. Shaw The Voyage of Court .... 384
Suppois the courte Jow cheir and tretis.
CXLVII. Dunbar To the King ..... 385
Off Benefice Sir at everie feist.
CXLVIII. Dunbar To a Ladye ..... 386
My hartis tresure and swete assured fo.
CXLIX. Dunbar How sould I governe me ? . . 388
How sould I re will me or in quhat wys.
CL. Dunbar Of Ladyis in the Court . . . 390
Thir ladeis fair That maks repair.
CLI. ? Dunbar Against evil Women . . .391
The Beistlie lust the furious appetyte.
CLII. Dunbar A Prayer 393
Saluiour Suppois my sensualite.
CLIII. Anon. Now, Man, behald .... 393
Now man behald this warldis vaniteis.
CLIV. Henryson The thre deid Powis . . . 394
O synfull man in to this mortall sey.
CLV. Stewart Advice to the King . . . 396
Precedent prince haueand prerogative.
CLVI. Chaucer For Lack of Stedfastnes . . . 397
Sum tyme the warld so stedfast wes and stable.
CLVII. Anon. Sir Penny ...... 399
Rycht fane wald I my quentance mak.
CLVIII. Dunbar In this Warld may none assure. . 401
Quhomto sail I compleine my wo.
CLIX. Dunbar How he was desyrd to be ane Freir . 404
This nycht befoir the dawing cleir.
CLX. Dunbar A Dream of Fortune . . . 405
Lucina Schyning in silence of the nycht.
CLXI. Dunbar The Wowing of the King . . . 407
This hyndir nycht in dumfermling.
CLXII. Dunbar To be blyth me think it best . . 410
Full oft I mvse and hes in thocht.
CLXIII. Merser Eird apone Bird . . . .411
Eyrd vpone eird wondirfullie is wrocht.

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