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CLXIV. Anon. A rare Remedy . . . .412
Tak a wobster that is leill.
CLXV. Dunbar Of James Dog . . . .413
The wardraipper of wenus boure.
CLXVI. Dunbar Of the same James . . .414
O gracious princes guid and fair.
CLXVII. Dunbar Of a Dance in the Quenis Chalmer 415
Sir Jhon Sinclair begowthe to dance.
CLXVIII. Dunbar Of ane Blakmoir . . . .416
Lang heff I maed of ladyes quhytt.
CLXIX. Dunbar To the Quene . . . .417
Madam Jour men sad thai wald ryd.
CLXX. Anon. A Balade consolatoir . . .419
Tobie moist trew in mony trubillis tryit.
CLXXI. Anon. Carmen in carcere . . . .425
Eia anime et dura virtute obnitere sorti.
CLXXII. Anon. Fredome in Presoun . . .426
Vp hart thow art the pairt.
CLXXIII. Maitland The Evillis of new-found Lawis . 427
Lord god quhowe lang will sic lawe lest.
CLXXIV. Maitland Complaint aganis the lang Law-
sutes. ...... 429
Sair is the recent murmur and regrat.
CLXXV. Maitland On the Warldis Ingratitude . 432
This warld so fals Is and vnstabill.
CLXXVI. Anon. All Wemen ar guid .... 433
All wemeine Ar guid noble And excellent.
CLXXVII. J. M. Ane Admonitioun .... 434
Maist loyall lord ay for thy lawtie lowit.
CLXXVIII. Anon. A Complaint anent Meiris . .437
To jow my lordis of renoun.

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