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CXXIX. Balnavis Advice to Gallandis
0 Gallandis all I cry and call.
CXXX. Anon. The murning Maiden
Still vndir the levis grene.
CXXXI. Kennedy Against Mouth Thankles
Ane ageit man twys fourtie ^eiris.
CXXXII. Dunbar Of Content .
Quho thinkis that he hes Sufficence.
CXXXIII. Anon. Welcum be Weird .
This I propone in my carping.
CXXXIV. Dunbar A Brash of Wowing
In Secreit place this hyndir nycht.
CXXXV. Stewart The Variance of Court
Rolling In my Rememberance.
CXXXVI. Dunbar Of Deeming .
Mwsing alone this hyndir nycht.
CXXXVII. Dunbar Tydingis fra the Sessioun
Ane murelandis man of vplandis mak.
CXXXVIII. Dunbar Of the Changes of Lyfe
1 seik aboute this warld onstable.
CXXXIX. Dunbar Quhen mony Benefices vakit. . 376
Schir at this feist of Benefice.
CXL. Dunbar Aganis the Solistaris in Court . 377
Be dyuers wayis and operatiounis.
CXLI. Dunbar Amendis to the Tai^ouris and
Sowtaris . . . . . *378
Betwix tuelfe houris and ellevin.
CXLII. Dunbar Lerning vain without Guid Lyfe . 379
To speik of science craft or Sapience.
CXLIII. Dunbar Meditatioun in Wyntir . . . 380
In to thir dirk and drublie dayis.
CXLIV. Dunbar All erdly Joy returnis in Pane . 382
Off lentren In the first moirnyng.
CXLV. Dunbar To a Ladye .
Sweit rois of vertew and of gentilnes.
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