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Keppoch song

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30 A KEPPOCH SONG. canto IS.
FiiFther intrenches on his sway,
Till he at last dares disobey.
Edward, the Napo' of his time,
Resolves to visit Scotia's clime:
Of her fair realm possession take,
And of her people subjects make.
What sad events do now ensue,
My mournful muse declines to view.
Of Wallace' acts 1 hear the fame,
And high with me resounds his name.
Young Bruce, at length, is, by the blast,
A wretched exile on me cast;
He my protection now does crave,
His ruin'd state me sues to save.
I, thinking England's force too near,
Do him advise to banish fear;
With kindness I do him receive,
And of his suit I give free leave.
Resolv'd his shatter'd state to aid,
Of select friends a choice I made;
With thousands two I forwards go,
Arouse his friends to meet the foe;
At Bannockburn we Englaud's force
Put to the route, both man and horse.
The Saxons thus for once do see
Me on their side a warrior be.

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