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Keppoch song

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canto ii, A KEPPOCH SONG. 37
Their state restor'd, now, with grave face,
Their king to me these terms address:
" Donald, how you've behav'd of old
No need there is that you be told ;
But now a loyal subject be,
Honours and favours you shall see;
Unto my court you'll now resort,
And the nation's welfare concert."
I at the thought of subject smile,
Is that now my reward for toil?
But, considering where I stood,
I friendship promise to make good.
Homewards my steps I then retrace,
And with my friends I do solace*.
* In this expedition Angus Moir, or the Great, was at>
tended by Macintosh and Maclean. Maclean, in all mar-
tial expeditions, acted as a lieutenant, or second in com-
mand, for the Lord of the Isles, and had the lands of Aros,
the islands of Mull, Tyree, and Coll, given him to support
that dignity, being a great estate. In this expedition it is
highly probable Angus had been attended by his brother
Ronald, the progenitor of Keppoch, the first Keppoch being
distinguished by the term Mac Hicrancil, or the son of Ro-
naldson; the father of which, Angus Moir and Ronald, was
Alexander, lord of Argyle and the Isles, in the reign of Alex-
ander the Third about 1280. It is also probable he got the
grant of the lands of Keppoch from this Angus, his uncle, on
account of this service, that being the mode by which lajtids
were acquired in those days.

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