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Keppoch song

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canto ii, A KEPPOCH SONG. 35
Of Cawdor's Thane a pris'ner they make, —
Ah ! how it griev'd me for his sake.
Comyn at last low'r Bad'noch gains,
The upper part to Chattan remains.
With Hibernia I unite
In love and friendship's soft delight.
Revolving time its axis turns,
With petty warfare ardour burns,
Until, by heaven's high decree,
The Saxons shall sad events see.
Their royal lineage now does fail,
And high contention does prevail:
Three potent rivals now do claim
The crown, but only two I name —
Balliol and Bruce, whose great domains
And num'rous friends the choice constrains.
Unable this great point to clear,
The nobles Edward crave to hear;
To him as arbiter refer,
Who for Balliol does declare.
I from this contest keep aloof,
But of Balliol do approve.
Balliol as vassal Edward deems,
And from him calls what homage seems j

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